Author: Josie Silver

Personally, I found this book very hard to rate. I did enjoy it as it is written really well which makes it easy to read, however, is just an okay book with an underwhelming plot.

This is a romantic story (and don’t get me wrong I love romance novels) but this one, in particular, was dragged a bit too long for my personal taste. I could predict the ending from the first quarter of the book, so it took away that excitement from me as well.

The story is about Lydia and Freddie, a meant-to-be couple that has been together for a decade or so. They are engaged and happy together, but on Lydia’s 28th birthday Freddie passes away leaving her alone, angry, and confused. The book is then really emotional as she dwells between two universes, when she’s awake the love of her life is dead but when she drugs herself to sleep, he’s alive again.  

On the positive side, I believe the author portraits the grieve and sadness of Lydia in a great way, you can feel the difficulty of going through one of the most awful things that can happen to you: losing your soul mate. But on the other hand, the circumstances around Lydia were highly unrealistic, allowing the story to carry for longer than necessary.

Overall, I don’t think I can fully recommend this book. I found it a bit boring and bland, really slow, and even though there was some character development and growth is literally nothing you couldn’t predict!