Author: Delia Owens

This was the other book that the lovely lady in Leeds-Bradford airport recommended to me (Please see Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine review to read a more detailed version of the story). Once again thank you for your recommendations!

I must confess, for whatever reason I found a bit difficult to read the first couple of chapters of this book. I heard once, that a book perception or receptiveness changes for you depending on your current mindset. I believe, I was trying to read the book when I was tired, so my mind wasn’t committing completely, and it took me a while to connect with this story. But once I pass that stage, I couldn’t put the book down and finished it in just a couple of days!

Where the crawdads sing tells the compelling story of the “Marsh Girl”, Kya, a 6-year-old girl who lives in unusual circumstances. Abandoned by her mother, her older siblings, and finally, by her abusive dad, she is forced to grow up quickly facing abandonment and loneliness to a level that is heartbreaking for a girl so young.

This is a story about bravery, survival, and conquering overwhelming situations that the young Kya is forced to be raised by. This book presents you with a society that judges and contempt her for the way she lives. Her only companionship is nature, birds, wildlife, and the marsh which becomes the only home she has ever known.    

However, not everything is sad in Kya’s life, as she finds kindness in an African American couple that help her in the best way they can. As they are victims of racism themselves, it proves that goodwill exists for this little girl. They soon become the only kind of family she has.

Years pass by and as Kya grows into a beautiful teenager, she starts to attract attention from boys. One of them, named Chase Andrews, is murdered. The story of seeking justice for Chase runs parallel to Kya’s and as she becomes the main suspect in that investigation the prejudice that society has about her becomes clearer.   

A surprising but amazing ending makes this a must-read book. The detailed descriptions and the storytelling will keep you captivated right until the end. Where the Crawdads Sing has gained increasing popularity and I can see why. It is a fascinating story that will have you captivated up until it sadly ends.

Also, the author explains what the title means as the story progresses, and it fits perfectly within.

Finally, The same way I shared some other books. Currently, this book is with my friend Kim. She told me she loved it too!

Here she is with a big smile! 😀