Author: Candice Carty-Williams

I found this one in Leeds train station, as I arrived a bit too early for my train, I had time to stop in the tiny WHSmith. I was lucky that in a small number of options I managed to pick a great book.

This book is probably the easiest read I had in a long time. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down and finished it in just over a day. If you are looking for a funny, joyous story that will also break your heart in some stages, give this one a try.

Queenie tells the story of a regular girl that is going through some normal stages of her life and that makes this novel relatable to so many people. From the person that has been in a one-sided breakup (aka “being dumped”) and is feeling a bit lost to anybody that doesn’t have a good relationship with their mom, there is something for everybody in this book, I believe.

It is a story about personal growth and overcoming your own personal battles when your world falls apart. It shows that you can rely on your family and your closest friends when you are struggling, but ultimately only you can bring you back from your darkest place.     

In her search for identity, Queenie brings some perspective about race, sexual politics, and gender. It will have you rooting for her in every step of her journey. You will fall in love with Queenie’s humor, pain, friends, and family.

I sincerely recommend this book, if you have the opportunity to read it please do!