This week has been about Mental Health awareness and I was inspired by some stories that went beyond their internal thoughts and shared their past experiences about this matter. Mental health is something that hasn’t been close to me, I never thought about it before moving abroad and only became aware of it once I was far from home.

That been said, these particular circumstances we are now living in have affected me to some extent and I find my self feeling sad about it, some days are good and some days are really blue. I am a social person that needs other people around to chat and interact. I am also a hugger which has been a challenge recently, my equally needy friends know the struggle!

For my personal experience, reading books has really helped me to keep my mind busy. Creating my blog has given me something to do and I love doing it, which is a plus. I am really motivated to keep sharing my thoughts and opinions about my reads but also discovering new amazing books to keep reading, my TBR is the longest is ever been.

My reading friends and family have been giving me recommendations which I am trying to go through all of them and also, I have met kind people in the book community that has similar interest to mine or have provided me with recommendations which are expanding my personal library.

Overall, I feel it was a great idea to start my blog, it was something I always wanted to do, and I finally have. Now I need to find a balance between reading and my other hobbies (like running), I think I have neglected all my other extracurricular activities but is so easy to get yourself into books!

How about you? What activities have you been doing during quarantine?