May has been the best reading month of my life (thanks to lockdown). I read a combination of amazing books, mostly fiction and one autobiography. I actually think I am reading faster now, towards the end of the month, books seemed to go faster and faster. Years ago, my reading goal for a year will be 12 books and now I accomplish that in a month, so I am happy with that!

Actually, in my IG post, I forgot to include Grown-ups, but then when checking back the dates I realized I did read it in May, it just felt so long ago!

Below you can check a quick summary of each of my reads, you can also visit each review for more detail. Please remember that all my reviews are spoilers free!!

Grown Ups

I was set up to read this book on a weekend as it is a big one, I wanted the time to get into it if I really liked it, unfortunately, this one was one of my least favorite reads of the month. It didn’t help that I started reading it with a massive hangover either 😀 but overall, I didn’t enjoy it that much. I have seen some really good reviews of the author so I will definitely give another one of her books a try but this one was a no for me. You can check my full review here.

The Power

I read The Power as a recommendation from a friend back home, I don’t usually read Sci-fi, but I decided to try it. I felt so confident about this one and I enjoyed the book so much. After I posted my review, I started seeing a lot of people reading it as well which mixed opinions. Nothing that I read from bad reviews changed my mind about this novel. I loved the concept and how it was delivered. In a world where women are the strongest gender and society changes overnight, Alderman presents a concept of power that I found really interesting. It is not a book about gender equality, it is about how power can change you.  You can check my full review here.

The Lido

This book was an easy read. As I related to some aspects of the book it made it so easy for me to turn page after page, the book is beautifully written, and the characters fully developed. However, the overall story is not memorable and the love story that it presents is a bit too sugary for my taste. I do think it is an enjoyable read and I do recommend it. You can check my full review here.

The Chain

A fast-paced thriller with an original concept. I really enjoyed this book it was really entertaining. It is divided into two parts. The first part was gripping and exciting. The second part changes as the pace slows down and the story becomes a bit predictable, but I still enjoyed it and I definitely recommend it. Although I am not so sure how parents will react to this story, I think they might enjoy it more as the feelings and emotions will be closer to them or might be too stressful!  You can check my full review here.

The Silent Patient

One of my favorite reads of the month hands down. Amazing thriller with a great twist. I read it in two days, but I had work from 9-5 if it would have been a weekend, I think I would of finish it in less than a day. A true page-turner I say. A close friend that also loves to read, read it after I recommended it to him and he loved it too, it is a great read and I will definitely recommend it to everybody. You can check my full review here.

The Flat Share

This book has been one of my favorite reads of all time. I honestly wish I hadn’t read it just so I can read it again. Funny, romantic, and original are just a few words to describe this amazing book. I have something to confess about this one. I saw this one a lot of times when I walked into bookstores (before lockdown) and I looked at it and thought ‘I bet is a cliché book, doesn’t look good’ but then when I saw it being praised everywhere, I decided to try it and I am SO happy I did. You can check my full review here.

Normal People

This is not the easiest story to get into. It is depressing and sad, however, I ended up enjoying the overall result of the book. I recently started to watch the series based on the book and it is true to the book which I’ve enjoyed. The social aspect of the book is quite interesting and the way the author explores the characters making them likable in spite of their problems was something impressive. You can check my full review here.

Blood Orange

This one was my least favorite read of the month. I am so sorry, but the story is boring is not mysterious at all. All of the characters are unlikeable and there is simply no excitement in any part of it for me. Very confused about the number of good reviews, maybe I miss something completely but this one wasn’t for me. One thing I did enjoy was that I found a buddy to read this one together (@deaaasreads), luckily we both thought the same about the story. You can check my full review here.

My Sister, The Serial Killer

Nice short story with light chapters to go through. Dark humor is the center of the book. I enjoyed this book, none of the subjects are explored in full depth but it works for the overall dynamic of the novel. You can check my full review here.

Open (An Autobiography)

I loved this book, even though at the end got a bit repetitive the whole narration works perfectly. The way Agassi opens about all his feelings, fears, and frustrations in such an emotional way made this book a great read. I really enjoyed it, it made me wonder why I haven’t watched a full tennis match in my life, maybe I’ll enjoy it. Even though I will probably be looking at the players differently, wondering if they go through the whole thought process Agassi seemed to have. You can check my full review here.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Another one of my favorites for this month goes to A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. Great story narrated in a perfect way. Gripping, exciting, emotional, it had all the elements to make it amazing. I really enjoyed this one, I completely recommend it. You can check my full review here.

The Guest List

This one took me by surprise, somewhere in the book I made up my mind about it and I thought it will be super predictable but then the unexpected ending made it improve in my ranking by a lot of places. Written in an interesting way, presenting different views for different characters it presents a great story. You can check my full review here.