Author: Isabel Allende

This book is originally written by a Chilean writer, Isabel Allende. It has an English version called “In the Midst of Winter”, however, I read the original version in Spanish. This novel was another recommendation from my auntie, she has given me so many good book suggestions, I can’t wait for the next great read she advises. Once again, Thank you!

The narrative is centered around three characters. Lucía Maraz, a Chilean woman that moves to The United States to work; Richard Bowmaster, an American professor and Evelyn, and illegal immigrant from Guatemala. They all live in New York and as a consequence of a winter storm their lives get tangled in a situation none of them could have seen coming.

Each character presents a strong personality, Lucía is friendly, happy and outgoing, as you would expect a strong confident Latin woman will be; Richard is cautious, conservative and controlling, a man that’s is not a fan of change, and finally, Evelyn is shy, quiet and afraid, and as a result of the horrors she has gone through, she can barely speak.

Allende mentions important topics such as racism, immigration, inequality, and how circumstances, such as violence, force you to leave your own country. She contextualizes the current situation in Central America and the search for identity that most people experience, from children to older generations.  

However, not everything is grey and sad in this novel. It is a beautiful story, as it progresses and the worse of the winter has passed, they all comprehend how close they have become. Letting love into their lives has made them realized that they can be truly happy. Believing that in life you can always have a second chance inspires them to keep going to a beautiful ending for them.   

Personally, I love the title of this book. It makes a literal reference of the personal effect winter has in the characters and what happens when it is all over, after a storm there is calm, silence, and relief for them, but most importantly love.

I read this book in just 2 days, couldn’t put it down as I wanted to know what would happen to the characters. Each of them is very interesting and will connect with you in different ways.  If you have the chance, please give this book a read!