Author: Mike Gayle

First-ever book that I read from Mike Gayle, and I must say I absolutely loved it! It is an emotional book that had me crying but it was beautifully written, so I do recommend this read to everyone.

The story narrates the journey that two long-separated siblings go through in life. Kerry, being carried through social services didn’t have as much luck as her younger brother Jason, now Noah, who was adopted and raised in a happy and wealthy home. Kerry loves and remembers her brother in every stage of her life writing him letters that she is not even sure he receives but she never loses determination to find her younger brother and recover all the lost time since they were separated in their childhoods.

Kerry and Noah have had opposite lives and as a result, they are completely different people. Kerry is a strong woman, a cleaner who has fought all along her life to provide a better life for her 10-year-old son, she is a loving person and open about her feelings and Noah became a successful barrister with the perfect family but he has closed his life completely to his past.

Both main characters were well developed, and you can see their transformation and growth across the pages. The author manages to write a sad and moving story moving from Kerry and Noah’s perspective in a way that captures all the emotion but still engages with the reader. My personal experience with this book is that besides the sad parts you want to keep reading and understand their full story.

I think this is an easy book to read that flows across the pages, I will recommend this book to everybody, it is a beautiful read that will capture some of your best emotions along the way. Please give this one a try.