Author: Gail Honeyman

A couple of months ago, there I am in Leeds-Bradford airport realizing that I finished my current book on my Kindle. I then saw a WHSmith, so I decided to go inside. I stare at the books trying to find one that gets my attention so I can start it on my 3-hour flight to visit my auntie that lives in Spain.

I wasn’t the only one in the store at that moment as there was a lovely couple trying to pick a book as well. I was then approached by one of them, a woman around 50 who asked me if she could recommend me a book, which naturally I said: “yes, please!!”. She then grabbed these amazing pair of books and gave them to me (I will review the other one as well).

If you are out there and someday read this, thank you so much for your recommendation I absolutely loved this book!

This is a beautiful story, funny and sad at the same time. The story begins introducing you to Eleanor Oliphant a misfit that finds herself in a comfortable but lonely routine. With a stable job, never involving herself on a personal level with her colleagues she has become their mocking subject. Not to be bothered by it she continuous to be her rude self.

Her life quickly changes when she meets Raymond, her new work colleague who saw past Eleanor’s hard exterior and showed her what a beautiful and strong friendship can do for you. His kindness helped her overcome difficult situations and to grow as a person allowing her to open to new experiences that she realized never had but then instantly loved.

This book navigates through her past explaining why she is the way she is, with a heartless mother and a rough childhood Eleanor became the result of her circumstances. Once you start seeing the events from her perspective, you begin to understand and rooting for her.

The story then presents a great ending that will surprise you and you realized that her character has grown so much that it is almost impossible not to fall in love with her and her journey.   

This book had me laughing out loud but also, I found myself crying towards the end (maybe it is me and I get too involved in my readings). Overall, I loved this book, so If you find yourself looking for an easy but amazing read and a lovely story please give this book a chance, you will not regret it!  

Finally, I know you noticed that the picture for this post is an image of the book, I had to improvise and take it like that as I left my actual book with my auntie for her to read. I love sharing a good book and so far she is loving it!

This is her and this amazing book 🙂