Author: Holly Jackson

This book has been in the market for a year, and yet I only just found out about it. I wish I would have picked it up as soon as it came out because it was an amazing experience.

When you are reding a book and you suddenly realize that you are halfway through it and you didn’t notice, you have been enjoying yourself so much that literally time flew by and pages just turn so easily. That is exactly what happened to me with this book.

Jackson presents the story of Pippa – Pip- Fitz-Amobi and how she wanted to explore as her school project one of the most complicated and known cases in her little town. The disappearance and presumed death of Andrea – Andie- Bell. The story is gripping from that point, trying to understand the circumstances of the night she went missing and all the events that followed are an emotional roller coaster.

Just a couple of days after Andie was declared a missing person, some circumstantial evidence appeared, and the case was close. Everyone made up their mind and they moved on with their lives, blaming her boyfriend Sal Singh (not a spoiler is literally on the cover of the book!). Yet, five years later, Pip still doesn’t believe that the truth was found and then begins her exciting journey trying to make justice for Sal and Andie.

I loved this book, Pip, was an incredible main character. She was determined, passionate, and amazingly brave. She managed to do what most people didn’t want to and even when she faced some challenging circumstances and dangerous people, she kept fighting. As you keep reading, there are so many questions and you can’t stop, you want to figure it out the truth. 

Most of all the characters were likable and developed in a great manner. The whole story is strong and enjoyable all the way. I loved the plot; I think the events are narrated really well and the overall story just comes together perfectly. The ending was great as well, fast-paced, exciting and to some extend unexpected.

I 100% recommend this book, what a great read it was! 🙂